Haitus Is Over!

Having to take a few months off to deal with my very own parapsuedo-like life, I've returned to try and play catch-up.

Since I quit blogging in the summer, I've read almost 30 books that I have to write about.  And more are on the way from Amazon.

Something excellent happened that kicked me in the ass to get back to work here.  A professor at California State University asked me to come make a presentation to her graduate theory seminar on "vampire stuff."  I ended up lecturing on female sexuality in teen paranormal romances.  The title of my presentation was "Teen Paranormal Fiction: The Written Word as Chastity Belt."  It was radical!

Anyway, I realize that I need to get back to work documenting here.  In fact, I may have to re-read several novels to even be able to.  Backtracking doesn't appeal to me, but it may be necessary for my academic plans.

So, off I go to read, and I hope to return soon with some new posts.