Parapseudo Defined

Parapseudo is a term I came up with to describe a genre that has several other names:

Young Adult/Teen Supernatural Romance
Young Adult/Teen Paranormal Romance
Young Adult/Teen Fantasy

I was tired of typing "YASR" or "TPR" or whatever else I referred to them as.  I wanted to devise a specific term that would sum up the genre and how I felt about it (early on).

It's actually a pretty snarky term.  The prefix para = beside, beyond.  The prefix pseudo = false, imitation.  I initially thought these works were not "true" literature.  They were paraliterary, parafiction.  Obviously, they were imitations--not really writing.  Pseudostories, frought with pseudocharacters tumbling through pseudoplots.

I know.  Sounds really bitchy.  In my mind, the term has lost all of its original edge.  It's nothing more than a kitschy word now, something that I can claim as my own.  In the end, it's all about me--or the parapseudoME that I portray on this blog--and my perceived dominance over language.  (Not much different than many of the stuffy jerks I force on my students!)