There are really only a couple ways to contact me until I become hugely famous. You can, of course, always leave a comment on a post.  If you have something a little sassier to say, or you if want a little back-and-forth correspondence, you'll have to e-mail me:

gwen.lightburn at gmail dot com

Stuff I Like to Chat About
  • Ghosts, vampires, necromancers, woofs, UFOs, and other radical cryptozoolical junk
  • Culture theory, gender contexts, (non-mother-in-law type) criticism
  • Literature, history, traveling, historical literature about traveling
  • Books I should read, books I've misread, or books I should avoid

Stuff I Don't Like to Chat About
  • How insensitive/ignorant/pretentious/pathetic I am.  I mean, I suppose in the right context it's fun to talk about my short-comings, but not usually.  That's what I pay my therapist for.
  • How ugly and tech-less my blog is
  • Typographical errors
  • "Business opportunities," unless they include my making massive money for actual creative output.
  • My real name, my measurements, my sexual proclivities, my place of employment, or anything else that may lead one to camp outside my house or light me on fire in front of my students.