Genre Pros/Cons

Now that I'm ankle-deep into the parapseudo genre, I appreciate some qualities and I despise others.  Let's get to it.


PRO:   It's fun to read about young women with whom I can so pathetically identify.  These are usually girls struggling with their images, their libidos, their massive disappointments.  My adolescence was characterized by my insecurities, which gave birth to my adult identity.  It's great to relive it again without the suicidal tendencies.  Think about how many times you hear grandparents say something like, "I love my grandkids!  But I'm glad when they go home with their parents."  That's my relationship to the parapseudo female.

PRO:  Reading about girls who desire and who are humanized by it is excellent.  Now let's work on making girls' fictional sexualities a reality.

CONS:  I have yet to meet a protagonist who lives outside her head.  I'm sick of silent girls, girls who bite their tongues, girls who want to reach out and don't, girls who notice boys are distressed and so decide to keep a secret, girls who don't know how to phrase it.


PRO:  The gamut is represented.  Good guys, bad boys, fathers, sons, loving boyfriends, asshole leeches, pining best friends, protective brothers, selfish businessmen (masquerading demons, of course), seducers, jocks, users, homosexuals...

CON:  So many of them are at extreme ends of the spectrum.  They're either emotionally closed off egoists or unrealistically supportive.  They're flawless, perfectly muscular studs or flamboyantly queer.  Too possessive or too mushy.  I don't like having to live with Fabio and Mc Fly over and over.


PRO:  Generally, it's interesting to read new takes on old legends.  Vampirism is a genetic mutation, werewoofs are protectors, faeries are half-demon-half-angel.

CON:  Sometimes it's not important why or how.  Elaborate explanations can sometimes get in the way of good characterization or rising action.

More to come as I sink deeper...